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Our range of desktop accessories includes letter trays, desk tidies, magazine files, book racks, drawer sets and tape dispensers. Buy from our range of fastening clips, scissors, pins, hole punches and staplers to get low prices on your desktop accessories.

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Helix Hand Held Tally Counter Chrome

£5.99 · Details

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  • Designed to fit snugly in the hand for comfortable operation, this Q-Connect Tally Counter includes a storage clip for attachment to a lanyard for convenient portability
Q-Connect Picture Hooks [Pack of 20]

£1.35 · Details

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  • Pack of 20
  • Strong, high quality picture hooks
  • Stored in a re-usable plastic hanging pack
  • Contains a variety of sizes for all uses
Q-Connect Reception Bell

£7.45 · Details

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  • Classic design nickel plated counter bell
  • Ideal for any retail outlet reception area, office or bar
Q-Connect Sponge Dampener

£3.29 · Details

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  • Hygienic and time saving
  • Ideal for bulk mailing
  • Small round tray with sponge head
Helix 75mm Illuminated Magnifying Glass

£9.05 · Details

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  • 75mm magnifying glass with illuminated function
  • Ideal for use in poor light conditions
  • Quality product manufactured by Helix
Helix Hand Held Magnifying Glass 75mm

£7.89 · Details

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  • Magnifying glass with bifocal magnification feature
  • Scratch resistant lens
  • Lightweight for portability
Nobo 1905174 Diamond Glass Desktop Pad

£15.79 · Details

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  • Nobo Diamond Personal Desktop Pad (Brilliant White)
  • Stylish and three times easier to clean
Wedo Moistener

£7.65 · Details

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  • 50ml
  • Suitable for use on envelopes, stamps and labels
  • Reinforced sponge head unscrews from its clear pliable plastic container for refilling with water
  • Water capacity 50ml
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