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Product Code: JDD66174
Black n Red Book A4 Feint Ruled [Pack of 5]

Black n Red Book A4 Feint Ruled

  • Pack of 5
  • Black n Red reference D66174
Fully casebound notebooks with sturdy hardback covers for long life protection of notes.
  • Casebound with sewn pages permanently keeping your notes bound in place
  • Ribbon for page marking and easy reference of notes
  • 90g weighted paper
  • Ruled pages
  • 192 pages
  • A4 size
  • Pack of 5
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A4 Wirebound Hardback

JDB79019Ruled and PerforatedPack of 5£33.49Buy
JDH67023RecycledPack of 5£33.79Buy
JDM67005Ruled A-ZPack of 5£65.49Buy
JDJ99085Quadrille 5mm SquarePack of 5£33.79Buy

A4 Matt Black Wirebound

JDF96645Ruled and PerforatedPack of 5£33.79Buy
JDL96625Smart Ruled and PerforatedPack of 5£51.49Buy

A4 Polypropylene Wirebound

JDE67024RecycledPack of 5£38.49Buy
JDE67008Ruled and MarginPack of 5£37.99Buy

A4 Soft Cover

JDF66368Ruled and PerforatedPack of 10£33.99Buy

A4 Casebound Hardback

JDD66174Ruled 192 PagesPack of 5£33.49Buy
JDF66069Ruled 384 PagesEach£11.79Buy
JDF66173Narrow Ruled 192 PagesPack of 5£33.79Buy
JDL67019Recycled 192 PagesPack of 5£33.79Buy
JD66401Smart Ruled 96 PagesEach£4.99Buy
JDH64068Plain 192 PagesPack of 5£33.79Buy
JDC67922Ruled A-Z 192 PagesPack of 5£48.99Buy
JDM66176Single Cash 192 PagesPack of 5£56.97Buy
JDK66177Double Cash 192 PagesPack of 5£55.49Buy

One Third A3 Casebound (297x140mm)

JDL66374Ruled 192 PagesPack of 5£51.49Buy

A5 Hardback Wirebound

JDA67026Recycled Ruled and PerforatedPack of 5£23.79Buy
JDL67000Ruled and PerforatedPack of 5£23.49Buy
JDJ67001Ruled A-ZPack of 5£46.99Buy

A5 Matt Black Wirebound

JDD96646Ruled and PerforatedPack of 5£23.79Buy
JDJ96626Smart Ruled and PerforatedPack of 5£36.49Buy

A5 Casebound

JDC93256Recycled RuledPack of 5£23.79Buy
JDE66857RuledPack of 5£23.79Buy
JDH67197Ruled A-ZPack of 5£46.99Buy

A5 Polypropylene Wirebound

JDL67027Recycled Ruled and PerforatedPack of 5£26.79Buy
JDC67009Ruled and MarginPack of 5£26.79Buy

A5 Soft Cover Wirebound

JDD66369-Pack of 10£23.79Buy

A6 Notebooks

JDC66655Casebound Ruled 192 PagesPack of 5£16.99Buy
JDF67010Polypropylene Wirebound with Elastic Strap Ruled 140 PagesPack of 5£29.49Buy
JDD67011Wirebound Hardback Ruled and Perforated 140 PagesPack of 5£16.99Buy

A7 Notebooks

JDM67072-Pack of 10£34.49Buy

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Product Code: JDD66174

Title: Black n Red Book A4 Feint Ruled

Description: Fully casebound notebooks with sturdy hardback covers for long life protection of notes. Casebound with sewn pages permanently keeping your notes bound in place

Pack Size: 5

Brand: Black

Codes: JDD66174, 100080446

Estimated Weight: 3.7kg

Outer Box Size: Width: 31cm, Depth: 22cm, Height: 7.5cm

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