Nobo T-Card Panel 32 Slot Size 2

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Nobo T-Card Panel 32 Slot Size 2

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Create your own T-Card kit using this panel.
  • 32 slots
  • Size 2 panel
  • Height of 655mm
  • Silver grey

T-Card Tracks


T-Card Panels

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T-Cards Size 2

NB38900WhitePack of 100£2.85Buy
NB38902Light GreenPack of 100£2.95Buy
NB38904YellowPack of 100£2.85Buy
NB38905PinkPack of 100£2.95Buy
NB38906RedPack of 100£2.95Buy
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NB38917RedPack of 100£3.15Buy
NB38919Light BluePack of 100£3.15Buy

T-Cards Size 4

NB38922WhitePack of 100£4.89Buy
NB38924Light GreenPack of 100£5.05Buy
NB38926YellowPack of 100£4.89Buy
NB38927PinkPack of 100£4.95Buy
NB38928RedPack of 100£4.95Buy

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