Office Stationery Price Comparison BETA

Compare your office stationery prices and see if you are paying a fair price. Enter the codes or a description of the products you buy and we will show you our prices in a list.

Examples you can try:

  • Paper
  • DL Envelopes
  • Post It Notes 3x5
  • XX91820
  • Concord IXL Lever Arch Files

Optionally enter the prices you are paying and we will show you how much you can save on your office supplies if you buy from OfficePad. This is easiest if you have an invoice from your current stationery supplier to hand.

Note, for some searches we may show multiple stationery products where the description you enter could match a number of products.

Stationery Description/CodePrice (Optional)Our Price (ex VAT)DescriptionStockImageBuy

Why compare with OfficePad

Are you paying too much for your office stationery? Many companies are because they order from their favourite supplier without checking other office supplies companies.

What if you are paying too much?

Not only will it cost you money, it may cost you your job! How would you explain your loyalty to a stationery company to your boss, if that stationery company is overcharging you?

Any overcharged money comes from the profits of the company you work for. Being responsible with your employers money is a responsibility of all members of staff that have access to that money, either directly or indirectly.

One easy way to try to save money is to use our online price comparison for stationery products form. It's quick, it's easy and best of all, you can compare without having to contact us. Of course, we hope you will see our competitive pricing and that you will use this form not just to compare prices but to order from us. We are not going to be cheaper on every single product, however we offer free delivery on many orders to the mainland UK so it may be an idea to order some of the cheaper lines from us whilst ordering your other products from your current supplier. No one ever said you can only use one stationers!

So why not compare your stationery costs now? It is free, we don't require your details and ensures you are receiving a good deal from your current office products supplier.