People with dyslexia may find learning to read and write easier on coloured paper. Trying different colours may also assist because some people seem to prefer different colours. Blue, yellow and pink and very popular. Children that are learning to read need should not be held back when a simple paper colour change may help them progress quicker.

The same advice using coloured paper for those with Mears Irlen Syndrome as this has been shown to help their reading too.

Tips to choosing paper for those with dyslexia

Everyone is different so here are few things you can try to see what helps:
  1. Try different colours of paper.
  2. Try brighter papers instead of pale or pastel shades.
  3. Ensure that the text on one side of the paper cannot be seen through the other side - either use a heavier paper (try 100g, 120g or even card of 160g or more), or only use one side of the paper. Seeing even an imprint of any reversed text can be distracting.
  4. The paper we sell is currently blank. You may choose to print ruled lines on the page from your printer. We may be able to print the lines for you, although this would be at a cost and you would need to specify the distance required between each line and if you require thick and thin line for helping children write their letters correctly. Email us if you need us to print a ream for you.
  5. Pukka make some pads designed with help from the Irlen institute. These are standard ruled and margin but printed on coloured paper. You can see these here: Pukka Pads Irlen Institute Pads.

Visual impairments

Coloured paper has also been shown to improve the reading skills of those with a visual impairment. Bright yellow is a common choice and the contrast between the yellow and black print is easier for the eye to make out the shapes of the letters.


Screen is not the same as paper but this may assist how the contrast between the black print and the colour changes how easy they are to read:
We sell lots of things here - bright yellow
We sell lots of things here - pale yellow
We sell lots of things here - bright blue
We sell lots of things here - pale blue
We sell lots of things here - pastel pink

Where to buy

You need look no further. We have a whole section of A4 Coloured Paper for you to buy, if you live in the UK.

For pastel shades we recommend the Q-Connect coloured paper. For a wider range of colours or for heavier paper or card, the Xerox brand is ideal.

Further, Pukka have worked with the Irlen institute to create refill pads in a variety of coloured papers: Irlen institute Pukka Pads

If you are from outside the UK, you should be able to purchase the colours from a stationery store more local to you.