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Q-Connect Counterfeit Detector Pen [Pack of 10]
£16.79 · Details

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  • Pack of 10
  • Q-Connect Money Tester Pen
  • 96% accurate on bank notes of all denominations
  • Pack of 10
Pentel Jumbo Liquid Chalk Markers Assorted [Pack of 4]
£11.79 · Details

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  • Ideal for use on chalk boards and non-porous surfaces such as glass
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Removable with a damp cloth or non-bleach based household cleaner
PE13751Normal AssortedPack of 4£8.05Buy
PE13757Normal AssortedPack of 7£13.49Buy
PE11411Jumo AssortedPack of 4£11.79Buy

Posca PC-1M Marker Broad Blue
£1.89 · Details

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  • Uni Posca PC-1M Marker Pen Bullet Tip Extra Fine Line Width (0.7mm) Blue (Single)
  • POSCA PC-1M - These markers have an extra-fine fibre tip making them ideal for card making and anything that involves intricate detail



Safescan Counterfeit Detect Pen [Pack of 10]
£26.49 · Details

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  • Blister pack of 1, immediate verification, suitable for testing all paper currencies, dark marking = counterfeit, clear marking = genuine
SSC33182Detector PenPack of 10x1£26.49Buy

Schneider Deco Liquid Chalk Marker Chisel Tip White [Pack of 5]
£46.79 · Details

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  • Chalk markers for all glossy surfaces including blackboards, shop windows, special offer boards and at home for colourful window decorations
  • The chalk is erasable with a wet or dry cloth
  • Chisel tip writes a 2mm to 15mm line width

Chisel Tip - 2.0-15.0mm Line Width

TB04234WhitePack of 5£46.79Buy

Uni Chalk Markers Medium Assorted [Pack of 4]
£6.15 · Details

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  • Create weather-resistant, vivid writing on a variety of non-porous surfaces
  • Non-permanent, wipes of easily
  • Suitable for chalk boards, windows, metals and plastics

Bullet Tip

MI04673WhitePack of 4£6.25Buy
MI04670AssortedPack of 4£6.15Buy
MI04667AssortedPack of 8£11.69Buy

Pilot FriXion Fineliner Black [Pack of 12]
  • Erasable
  • Bullet tip
  • Pack of 12
  • Pilot FriXion Fineliner Felt Pen 1.3mm Tip Erasable (Black) Pack of 12 Pens
  • Keep the best - erase the rest

Pilot Frixion Pen Assorted [Pack of 6]
  • Erasable
  • Medium
  • Pack of 6
  • Pilot FriXion Medium Tip Erasable Felt Pen 2.5mm Tip Width 0.63mm Line Width (Assorted Colours) Ref 220300600 Pack of 6 Pens

Safescan 30 Bulk Counterfeit Detector Pen
  • Safescan 30 Counterfeit Detector Pen
  • The Safescan 30 is the ideal portable partner for checking whether a banknote is genuine or counterfeit

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Q-Connect Counterfeit Detector Pen [Pack of 10]Q-Connect Counterfeit Detector Pen [Pack of 10]

Uni Chalk Markers Medium Assorted [Pack of 8]Uni Chalk Markers Medium Assorted [Pack of 8]

Uni Chalk Markers Medium White [Pack of 4]Uni Chalk Markers Medium White [Pack of 4]