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Q-Connect Flipchart Marker Assorted [Pack of 4]
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  • Resistance to bleed-through on all papers
  • Specially designed for use on flipchart pads
  • Bullet tipped for fine and precise writing
KF01551AssortedPack of 4£2.55Buy
KF15392BlackPack of 10£5.55Buy

Flipchart Marker Assorted [Wallet of 4]

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  • Wallet of 4
  • Flipchart Markers
  • Complete with caps
  • White barrel

Artline 2-in-1 Flip Marker Assorted [Pack of 8]

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  • Chisel tip
  • Pack of 8
  • Two points in each marker: 2mm bullet point for detail and 5mm chisel point for emphasis
  • Water-based ink in vivid colours
  • Non-bleed, even on low grade paper

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Q-Connect Flipchart Marker Assorted [Pack of 4]Q-Connect Flipchart Marker Assorted [Pack of 4]

Q-Connect Flipchart Marker Bullet Tip Black [Pack of 10]Q-Connect Flipchart Marker Bullet Tip Black [Pack of 10]

Flipchart Marker Assorted [Wallet of 4]Flipchart Marker Assorted [Wallet of 4]