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Needles Heavy Duty [Pack of 5]
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  • Needles for use with tagging gun
  • Heavy duty
  • Pack of 5
WX03963Tagging GunEach£6.95Buy
WX03964NeedlesPack of 5£6.99Buy
WX03965Heavy Duty NeedlesPack of 5£8.39Buy

Anti-Slip Tape 50mmx18.3m Clear
£33.79 · Details

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  • Durable, easy to apply anti-slip tapes
  • Abrasive surface provides extreme grip performance and hard-wearing abilities, inside or out
  • Resistant to oil, detergents, solvents, UV light and all weather conditions
Avery Needles Heavy Duty [Pack of 5]
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  • Designed for Avery tagging guns, this pack of 5 Avery Tagging Needles is the ideal choice for attaching price tags and labels in retail environments
AV10311Tagging GunEach£21.79Buy
AV05012Standard NeedlesPack of 5£13.79Buy
AV05014Heavy Duty NeedlesPack of 5£30.79Buy

Avery Secur-a-Tach Fasteners [Pack of 1000]
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  • Practical and efficient, these Secur-A-Tach loops from Avery are designed to stay in place and intact through storage, shipment and handling
AV06905Secur-a-tachPack of 1000£40.99Buy
AV06022Secur-a-tiePack of 1000£14.79Buy

Avery Single Line Pricing Gun
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  • Allowing you to mark all of your products with a clear and obvious price, the Avery Single Line Pricing Gun is essential for a range of different retailers
Barrier Tape 72mmx500m Red and White
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  • Ideal for cordoning off areas in warehouses and factories
  • Size 72mm wide and 500m long
  • Red and white
Cycle Rack 45 Degree Holders
£96.97 · Details

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  • Storing bikes neatly and preventing theft, this VFM Cycle Rack is suitable for a range of businesses
  • As cycling to work becomes a more and more popular option, it is important to keep your bikes in a tidy and safe manner
Perfekt Striper Line Marking
£189.99 · Details

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  • A low cost robust trolley, designed to dispense paint from aerosol canisters
  • Wide wheels for stability and perfectly straight lines
  • Automatic positioning of the spray paint canister
Post with A4 Signholder
£200.99 · Details

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  • Allowing you to display messages in a clear and easy fashion, the VFM Post with Sign Holder is ideal for a range of business and can be used indoors or out
SBY14951Barrier PostsEach£187.99Buy
SBY03004Black CordEach£79.97Buy
SBY18396Post with SignholderEach£200.99Buy

Safescan Auto Counterfeit Detector 155S
£90.49 · Details

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  • Protect your business from counterfeit banknotes with the Safescan 155-S counterfeit detector
  • Simply insert banknotes in any direction and in less than 0.5 seconds authenticity is checked
Safescan Counterfeit Detector UV50 Black
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  • The Safescan 50 UV Counterfeit Detector is the perfect tool for banks, retailers and other businesses looking to spot forgeries when dealing with secure documents and banknotes
Safescan RFID Cards RF100 [Pack of 25]
£41.49 · Details

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  • Set of 25 badges, reading distance: 7 cm, credit-card size which fits easily in your wallet, compatible with safescan TA-8010 / TA-8015 / TA-8030 / TA-8035 / TA-810 / TA-855 / TA-910 / TA-920 / TA-955 and TA-965 terminals, TM-616 / TM-626 / TM-818 / TM-828 / TM-838 terminals
SSC33121RF100 CardsPack of 25£41.49Buy

Speed Ramp Black Section
£34.49 · Details

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  • Preventing people from racing around, this speed ramp section is perfect for stopping irresponsible driving by slowing them down to 10mph

Centre Sections approx 510mm

SBY17913Yellow SectionEach£34.49Buy
SBY17911Black SectionEach£34.49Buy

Ticket Attachments 20mm [Pack of 5000]
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  • With a paddle end for secure attachment, these 20mm ticket attachments from Avery are ideal for retail environments
AV0212120mmPack of 5000£17.49Buy
AV0214140mmPack of 5000£17.49Buy
AV0216165mmPack of 5000£18.49Buy

13 Amp Safety Socket Insert White

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  • Keep unused plug sockets covered with these white safety socket inserts
  • Easy to fit, the inserts help protect children's safety around the home, classroom and nursery

25m 8mm Thick Plastic Chain White
  • This white chain barrier is designed for use with the VFM chain barrier system and is quick and easy to install
  • The chain is flexible and can be joined with other chains to create a customised barrier according to your specific needs

Avery Replacement Ink Roller Black [Pack of 5]

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  • Pack of 5
  • Suitable for all Mark II Avery single and double line pricing guns, these replacement ink rollers are a practical choice
  • Sold in a handy pack of 5, the rollers are supplied with black ink

Chapter 8 Barrier 3 Frames
  • Allowing you to cordon off areas with ease, the VFM Barrier/Sign System is perfect for preventing workplace accidents

Cycle Rack for 5 Cycles
  • Make sure your staff, visitors and customers are able to leave their bicycles safely and securely while at your property by purchasing this 5-bike cycle rack

Cycle Rack Versaille Black
  • Make sure your staff, visitors and customers are able to leave their bicycles safely and securely while at your property by purchasing this Versailles cycle rack

Economy Cycle Holder
  • Encouraging your staff to come along to the workplace in a healthy and green manner is something we should all be looking to do, but it can be hard to want to cycle to the office when there is nowhere secure to store your bike once you arrive

Elevator Guard Yellow [Set of 2]
  • Set of 2
  • This VFM guard barrier is very much worthy of further investigation
  • The bright yellow colour is eye-catching and conveys caution

Fire Door Retainer Black
  • This fire door retainer is an easy to use, battery operated sound sensor device which complies with all British standards, EC directive, UK workplace regulations and is approved by the Fire Brigade

Flexible Post 1000mm High Red
  • This flexible post is ideally suited for controlling road traffic and will fit easily into 'cat's eyes' or alternatively it can be used in conjunction with an optional base (sold separately)

Helix Counterfeit Note Detector

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  • Perfect for point of sale areas, this mains-powered counterfeit note detector contains a 4 watt ultra violet light to verify the safety elements of bank notes and detect fraudulent ink

Moulded Rubber Wheel Chock
  • This wheel chock is made from moulded rubber and prevents the unwanted rolling of your hand trucks and vehicles

Retract Barrier 4.6m Wall
  • This VFM barrier wall unit is very much worthy of further investigation
  • The black and yellow tape is high visibility and ideal as a health and safety tool

Safescan 40H Handheld UV Counterfeit Detector

£9.25 · Details · Save on 3+

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  • 4W UV lamp verifies the UV features in banknotes, powerful white LED flashlight for checking watermark and security strip, verifies credit cards, passports and other ID's, suitable for all currencies, with wrist strap and handy foldable stand for desk use

Slim Bollard 1000x95mm Black
  • Ideally suited for a wide range of uses, this bollard has the very highest level of quality, allowing you to separate areas and prevent driving
  • With a luxury design, this is the perfect product for a range of high end uses

Wall Mounted Cycle Rack [Pack of 3]
  • Pack of 3
  • These three individual wall mounted cycle racks can easily be installed into a wall with just two screws (not included) and each swings on a 180 degree axis, enabling installation at an angle

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