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Initiative Flipchart Easel with Drywipe Surface and Pen Tray
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  • Sturdy easel with drywipe surface for use with or without flipchart pad
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Legs are fully retractable for portability


ES4802Standard EaselEach£47.49Buy
ES9815Magnetic EaselEach£127.99Buy

Q-Connect Deluxe Flipchart Easel
  • This high quality flipchart easel combines an easy way to keep all of your paper flipcharts and also a magnetic whiteboard
  • This means that even if you are out of paper you have an easy way to create clear and effective planning

Q-Connect Flip Chart Easel A1

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  • If you are looking for an easy way to present your flipcharts, then you need look no further than this high quality Q-Connect easel
  • Q-Connect is dedicated to bringing you the best products for the lowest possible price

3M Post-It Table Top Easel Pad [Pack of 6]
£140.99 · Details

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  • Self sticking repositionable adhesive on each sheet to ensure all ideas are visible during your meetings
  • Built in stand sets up anywhere for tabletop presentations
  • 30 sheets per pad
3M59638Table Top ChartPack of 6£140.99Buy

Bi-Office Mobile Flipchart Easel 90x60cm
£222.99 · Details

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  • This Bi-Office flipchart easel features a stylish frameless design with a high quality magnetic lacquered steel dryerase surface
BQ50580Performer EaselEach£288.99Buy
BQ50670Mobile EaselEach£222.99Buy

Bi-Office Roll Up Mobile Easel
£199.99 · Details

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  • Professional easel that can be used with a continuous roll of paper of a conventional flipchart pad
  • Patented flip roll system
  • Extendable side arm
BQ50220Roll Up EaselEach£199.99Buy

Bi-Office Duo Easel 1200x790mm Grey Felt
  • Four year guarantee
  • Mobile double sided easel with non-magnetic drywipe board to one side and felt pinboard on the reverse
  • Height adjustable
  • Portable and easy to use in almost any room

Bi-Office Earth-It Mobile Easel 700x1000mm
  • Five year warranty
  • 100% recycled
  • Eco friendly easel made from recycled materials
  • Durable 100% recycled and recyclable aluminium
  • Made from 60% of weight recycled material

Bi-Office Premiere Easel 950x700mm Black
  • Two year guarantee
  • Premium two sided easel with a drywipe board on one side and notice board on the other
  • Height adjustable
  • Portable and suitable for use in any environment

Bi-Office Vanguard Mobile Magnetic Easel Black
  • Bi-Office Vanguard Mobile Easel
  • Euro size easel with magnetic drywipe surface, automatic pad clamp, side extension arms, full length foldable Pen tray Pod and 5 easy glide lockable castors
  • Height adjustable from 1150mm to 1800mm

Earth-It Eco-Friendly Tripod Easel

£125.99 · Details · Save on 3+

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  • Two year warranty
  • 100% recycled
  • Quality tripod easel manufactured from eco-friendly materials
  • Durable lightweight aluminium frame
  • Manufactured with 45% post consumer and post industrial waste

Nobo 1903949 Diamond Glass Mobile Magnetic Flipchart Easel
  • Magnetic tempered safety glass surface suitable for frequent use, frameless design with high quality aluminium pen tray, height adjustable mobile base with locking castors

Nobo 1905173 Diamond Glass Desktop Easel

£19.79 · Details · Save on 5+

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  • Tempered safety glass surface suitable for frequent use, write or stick your notes directly onto the glass surface, stylish frameless design with handy document clip, ultra-erasability with the highest resistance to ink stains / pen marks / scratches and dents

Nobo Barracuda Desktop Easel Whiteboard Magnetic
  • Includes black carry bag for easy mobility
  • Nobo Barracuda Desktop Easel
  • Half-size flipchart easel, ideal for the travelling presenter or where space is limited
  • Ideal for small group presentations or meetings

Nobo Barracuda Mobile Easel
  • Nobo's whiteboard flipcharts are hard wearing and durable, ensuring they remain in good condition for longer
  • The whiteboard is scratch and chip-resistant ideal for heavy use

Nobo Duramax Flipchart Easel
  • The perfect flipchart easel to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use
  • Designed to resist scratches and dents and made of indestructible, moulded, high-density polyethylene plastic
  • Smart graphite look to complement any office

Nobo Piranha Flipchart Easel Magnetic with Extending Display Arms
  • Stylish and portable - designed to maximise professional presentations
  • Unique removable writing rule for straight text and lines
  • Magnetic drywipe framed board

Nobo Piranha Mobile Easel
  • Stable and highly mobile, the Nobo Piranha flipchart easel can unfold to display up to three sheets of paper
  • Slide the unique movable ruler up and down the flipchart pad or magnetic drywipe board to write straight text or rule lines

Nobo Shark Easel
  • Three year guarantee

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Bi-Office Mobile Flipchart Easel 90x60cmBi-Office Mobile Flipchart Easel 90x60cm