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Q-Connect Invisible Tape 19mmx33m
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  • Size 19mmx33m
  • Invisible on paper and mends tears without a trace
  • you can write on it, photocopy it or fax it without leaving a ghost mark
  • Size 19mmx33
Scotch 19x33m Magic Tape Tower Pack with 2 Free Rolls [Pack of 12+2]
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  • Bonus pack with 14 rolls of Scotch Magic tape
  • Ideal for refilling Scotch desktop dispensers
  • Perfect for sharing in a stationery cupboard
3M0713719mmx33mPack of 12£21.49Buy
3M2059319mmx33mPack of 8£12.79Buy

Scotch 810 Magic Tape 12mmx66m [Pack of 2]
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  • Less mess, less stress, more Magic
  • Ideal for mending documents, sealing envelopes or temporary labels
  • Can be written or typed on
3M6672512mmx66mPack of 2£8.09Buy
3M9646419mmx7.5mPack of 12£17.49Buy
3M5641919mmx25mPack of 3£7.69Buy
3M6579219mmx25m with DispenserPack of 12£43.49Buy

Scotch Easy Tear Clear Tape 19mmx66m [Pack of 8]
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  • Can be used for everyday light duty, sealing, labelling and repair
  • Ideal for everyday use, strong sticky tape for sealing and repairing
  • Easy to tear and apply, yet has the strength to do the job
3M4153219mmx66mPack of 8£9.79Buy
3M4153324mmx66mPack of 6£6.15Buy

Crystal Tape Roll Easy-tear Permanent Secure 19mm x 33m
  • Size 19mmx33m
  • Easy tear tape permanent and secure
  • Size: 19mmx33m

Scotch 810 Magic Tape with Free Dispenser [Pack 16+1 Dispenser]

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  • Size 19mmx33m
  • Includes a free black and silver tape dispenser
  • Pack 16+1 dispenser
  • Scotch Magic tape value pack includes 16 rolls of 19mmx33m tape with one free dispenser

Scotch 811 Removable Tape 19mmx33m
  • Size 19mmx33m
  • A truly revolutionary tape which holds firmly, yet removes cleanly and easily
  • Ideal for temporary repairs, marking or delicate surfaces
  • Invisible when applied on paper and repositionable

Scotch Double Sided Artists Tape

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  • Size 19mmx33m
  • A double-sided transparent tape for long term use
  • Ideal for light-duty attaching and mounting tasks
  • Coated with permanent adhesive on both sides

Scotch Magic Tape 19mmx33m with Free Dispenser [Pack of 12+1 Dispenser]

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  • Size 19mmx33m
  • Includes free black dispenser which holds tape up to 33m long
  • Pack of 12+1 dispenser
  • Less mess, less stress, more Magic
  • Easy to unwind, handle and tear

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Q-Connect Invisible Tape 19mmx33mQ-Connect Invisible Tape 19mmx33m

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Scotch 810 MagicTape 19mmx33mScotch 810 MagicTape 19mmx33m