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Sellotape Original Golden Tape 24mmx66m [Pack of 6]
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  • The nations number one sticky tape
  • Extra sticky
  • Easy starter tab
SE0499318mmx10mPack of 8£10.99Buy
SE0499418mmx33mPack of 8£9.39Buy
SE0499519mmx66mPack of 16£22.49Buy
SE0499624mmx33mPack of 6£8.55Buy
SE0514424mmx50mPack of 6£13.79Buy
SE0514524mmx66mPack of 6£14.49Buy
SE0499824mmx66mPack of 12£19.99Buy
SE0499948mmx66mPack of 6£24.79Buy

OfficePad Easy Tear Tape 12mmx66m [Pack of 6]
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  • OfficePad value easy tear tape
  • Size 12mmx66m
  • Pack of 6 rolls
11652RY36mmx66mPack of 6£3.35Buy
11638RY18mmx33mPack of 9£1.45Buy
11645RY18mmx66mPack of 6£1.69Buy
11666RY12mmx66mPack of 6£1.39Buy

Q-Connect Easytear Tape 12mmx66m [Pack of 12]
£7.15 · Details

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  • Strong polypropylene clear adhesive tape seals fast and holds tight, ideal for packing, sealing and mending
  • Clear
  • Size 12mmx66m
KF2701512mmx66mPack of 12£7.15Buy
KF2701319mmx33mPack of 8£3.75Buy
KF2701619mmx66mPack of 8£6.65Buy
KF2701424mmx33mPack of 6£3.65Buy
KF2701724mmx66mPack of 6£5.59Buy

Q-Connect Easytear Polypropylene Tape 12mmx66m
  • Size 12mmx66m
  • This easy-tear adhesive tape is ideal for fastening paper, sealing parcels or many other uses
  • Made of durable polypropylene, this tape can be torn without scissors for faster application

Clear Tape 24mmx66m [Pack of 12]
  • Size 24mmx66m
  • Pack of 12
  • Affordable version of sellotape, this adhesive tape seals fast and holds tight
  • Size is 24mm wide and each roll contains 66m of tape
  • Pack of 12

Scotch Crystal Clear Tape 19mmx33m
£2.55 · Details

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  • High quality, super-strong transparent tape
  • Ideal for tasks such as sealing padded envelopes or making repairs
  • Easy to unwind, handle and tear

Scotch Easy Tear Clear Tape 19mmx33m [Pack of 8]
£4.69 · Details · Save on 3+

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  • Can be used for everyday light duty, sealing, labelling and repair
  • Ideal for everyday use, strong sticky tape for sealing and repairing
  • Easy to tear and apply, yet has the strength to do the job
3M4153019mmx33mPack of 8£4.69Buy
3M4153124mmx33mPack of 6£6.95Buy

Scotch Low Noise Tape 48mmx66m Clear [Pack of 6]
£7.75 · Details

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  • Ideal for long-term storage in varying temperatures, including colder and damper conditions
  • Low noise unwind, it adheres to a variety of surfaces including recycled paper
  • Water-based, solvent-free adhesive
3M82909ClearPack of 6£7.75Buy

Sellotape Super Clear 24mmx50m [Pack of 6]
£17.79 · Details · Save on 5+

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  • A multi-purpose, premium quality transparent tape with ultra thick film
  • Extra sticky
  • Easy start tab
SE0501818mmx25mPack of 8£18.49Buy
SE0502224mmx50mPack of 6£17.79Buy

GoSecure Twin Pack Clear Tape 25mmx6m [Pack of 6]
  • Size 25mmx6m
  • Pack of 6
  • This Go Secure adhesive tape is fast sealing and ideal for packing, wrapping and sealing
  • Suitable for home and office use, each roll of tape measures 25mm x 66m

Sellotape Golden Tape 24MMX66m (Pack of 12 and with Free Dispenser)
  • Size 24MMX66m
  • Ideal for everyday use, this classic adhesive tape provides excellent adhesion and outstanding control
  • An easy tear roll lets you cleanly break off a piece of tape, without the need for scissors

Sellotape Original Golden 24mmx50m [Pack of 24]

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  • Size 24mmx50m
  • Pack of 24
  • Sellotape original golden tape
  • Anti tangle and easy tear
  • Extra sticky and ideal for everyday solutions

Sellotape Super Clear 18mmx10m [Pack of 50]

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  • Sellotape Super Clear Tape 18mm x10 Metres Pack of 50 1443330

Tesa Film Crystal Tape 19mmx33m OfficeBox [Pack of 8]
  • Size 19mmx33m
  • Pack of 8
  • Tesa (19mm x 33m) Crystal Adhesive Film ( Box of 8 Rolls)
  • Tesa (19mm x 33m) Crystal Adhesive Film (Box of 8 Rolls)
  • Clear

Tesa Film Eco Clear Tape 19mmx33m [Pack of 8]
  • Size 19mmx33m
  • Pack of 8
  • Recycled
  • Tesa Recycled and Eco Friendly (19mm x 33m) Clear Adhesive Film (Box of 8 Rolls)
  • Clear
  • Form Factor - Roll

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Q-Connect Easytear Tape 24mmx66m [Pack of 6]Q-Connect Easytear Tape 24mmx66m [Pack of 6]

Q-Connect Easytear Tape 19mmx66m [Pack of 8]Q-Connect Easytear Tape 19mmx66m [Pack of 8]

Q-Connect Easytear Tape 19mmx33m [Pack of 8]Q-Connect Easytear Tape 19mmx33m [Pack of 8]