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GBC Surebind Strips 25mm Black [Pack of 100]
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  • GBC SureBind (A4) Secure Binding Strips 25mm 10 Prongs Bind 250 Sheets (Black) - 1 x Pack of 100 Binding Strips
  • For use with GBC Surebind system
  • Secure plastic binding strips with 10 prongs
GB00120White Surebind Strips-Pack of 100£32.49Buy
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GB00122Black Surebind Strips-Pack of 100£33.79Buy

Swordfish Shredder Lubricant

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  • 240ml
  • Shredder lubricant cutter oil to fit all shredders, bottle contains 240ml lubricant, special micro-dispenser, approximately 20 applications
  • Packed in a handy squeeze bottle

Swordfish Shredder Oil Lubricant 350ml
  • 350ml
  • Individual bottles of shredder oil, for use with all types of Swordfish shredders, special micro-dispenser, 350ml bottle
  • Packed in a handy squeeze bottle

Swordfish Shredder Sachets - 1 Pack of 12 Sachets
  • 'One a month' shredder lubrication sachets, prevents paper clogging, suitable to fit all brands of paper shredders, (1 pack of 12 sachets)

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Swordfish Shredder LubricantSwordfish Shredder Lubricant