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Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit
£110.99 · Details

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  • PC transcription kit includes RS28 foot control, E102 earphones, DSS player software, USB and Serial, connection cable for footswitch
  • The basic transcription kit AS-2400 guarantees a convenient transcription of audio files

Olympus Starter Kit

OM01343AS2400 Transcription KitEach£110.99Buy

Philips Analogue Footcontrol Black
£188.99 · Details

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  • Foot control for use with analogue systems, connection via 3.5mm plug
  • The ergonomic design of the new Philips foot pedal range sets new standards in terms of usability in the professional dictation arena

Analogue Dictation Accessories

PH97809Foot Control for LFH2210Each£188.99Buy
PH234Deluxe HeadsetEach£107.99Buy
PH232Stethoscope HeadsetEach£64.49Buy

Philips Headphones LFH2236/00
£30.79 · Details

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  • Combining the very best level of audio clarity with an exceptional comfort, the Philips Stereo Over Ear Headphones are great for transcription
EPOS Sennheiser IMPACT SDW 5066 Wireless 3-in-1 Headset and Base
  • Binaural headset, noise-cancelling microphone, with BTD 800 dongle, Bluetooth headset for mobile devices and PC/softphone, Skype for Business and DECT security certified, up to 10 hours talk time and up to 44 hours standby, 1.5 hour charge time, 180m Wireless range (line of sight)

Olympus AS-49 DSS Player Dictation Software
  • DSS player standard dictation module, CD-ROM included

Olympus Audio Notebook Software
  • DSS player dictation software plug-in, updates the basic version of Sonority, link recordings to related files for ease of reference

Olympus E62 Transcription Stereo Headset
  • Light weight transcription headset, two speakers for balanced, crystal clear delivery, underchin bow for comfort and practicality, has a 3.5mm stereo plug end

Olympus E103 Stereo Headset
  • Headset to fit AS2300/2400/3000/D1000/DS150/2/2300/320/330/DM1/10/20

Olympus Ear Sponges for E88, E95, E99 and E102 [Pack of 10]
  • Replacement ear sponges to fit the E88 / 95 / 99 / 102 / 103 (pack of 10)

Olympus ME-33 Boundary Microphone
  • Omni-directional microphone designed to record voices from a distance, connect multiple microphones to expand the ME33's capabilities
  • For use with DM-650, DM-670 and DS-3500

Olympus ME-34 Microphone
  • Zoom Microphone, Lightweight, Built-in Stand
  • The ME34 Compact Zoom Microphone has a directional design that prevents interference from nearby sound sources

Olympus RS-28H Foot Control
  • 3 pedal foot control, hands-free dictation (record / play / stop / reverse / fast forward / save and create new file), compatibility with Olympus' dictation management software, long USB cable (1.8m), HID keyboard mode (optional)

Olympus RS-31H Footswitch
  • 4 pedals, HID keyboard mode (optional), footswitch Configuration Tool (Windows and Mac) for pedal configuration in HID keyboard mode, keyboard shortcuts support, full compatibility with Olympus' dictation management software, nonslip mat to keep it in place

Olympus Sonority Audio Management
  • DSS player dictation software supplied with DM450, DM550, Windows and Macintosh-compatible, linear PCM support
  • The Audio Management Software Sonority"" is complete different from Olympus famous dictation management software DSS Player

Olympus TP-8 Telephone Pick Up
  • Olympus TP-8 Telephone pickup records phone calls with high fidelity
  • Plugs into the 'MIC' socket of a recorder
  • Ear-fitted microphone is placed against the receiver to record both voices during the call

Philips ACC0034 Speechmike USB Cable
  • Pack of 1 USB cable, For use with the SpeechMike III products
  • This cable has a Philips Proprietary Connector and is designed for use with the SpeechMike lll

Philips ACC2310 Classic USB Foot Control
  • USB foot control for digital systems, 3 pedal design, plug and play design, easy toe touch control

Philips ACC2320 International USB Foot Control
  • USB foot control for digital systems, 3 pedal design, plug and play design, easy toe touch control

Philips ACC2330 Advanced USB Foot Control
  • Advanced USB foot control for digital systems, 4 pedal design, plug and play design, easy toe touch control

Philips ACC4100 AirBridge Wireless Adapter
  • Lossless transmission, easy pairing, full mobility for free movement without compromising recording quality, plug and play, 3 second pairing, supports Windows / Mac and Virtual environments, compatible with the SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless Dictation Microphone and SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset

Philips ACC8100 Rechargeable Battery
  • Rechargeable lithium li-ion battery to fit DPM6000/7000 and 8000 series

Philips ACC8120/00 Dictation Machine Docking Station USB
  • Includes docking station, power adaptor, USB cable and user manual

Philips Foam Pads For LFH233 [Pack of 10]
  • Pack of 5 pairs of replacement foam pads to fit RB9100/RB600G/HS410/LFH233 headsets

Philips LFH130 LFH134 LFH234 LFH334 Foam Pads [Pack of 10]
  • Pack of 10
  • Genuine Philips replacement foam pads for headphones
  • Designed for LFH130, LFH134, LFH234 and the LFH334
  • Pack of 5 pairs, 10 in total

Philips Standard Headset for Transcription Machines
  • Designed for use with Philips transcription machines, this Philips standard headset features soft ear cushions and an under chin design for comfortable use

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Olympus ME-34 MicrophoneOlympus ME-34 Microphone

Philips Analogue Footcontrol BlackPhilips Analogue Footcontrol Black

Olympus Ear Sponges for E88, E95, E99 and E102 [Pack of 10]Olympus Ear Sponges for E88, E95, E99 and E102 [Pack of 10]