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Acctim Avanti Radio Controlled Digital Clock
£36.49 · Details

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  • Radio controlled digital clock for accuracy
  • This large clock measures 238mm for easy reading from across a room
  • Desk stand or wall mount, includes the stand/wall mount

Acctim Aylesbury Wall Clock Black
£9.29 · Details

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  • Aylesbury wall clock
  • 255mm diameter, 35mm depth
  • Plastic lens

Acctim Century Radio Controlled Aluminium Wall Clock
£30.49 · Details

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  • Radio controlled for accuracy
  • Aluminium case
  • Glass lens

Acctim Controller Wall Clock Black
£22.49 · Details

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  • Silent sweep clock so second hand moves is a silent sweeping movement
  • Size 355mm
  • Black

Acctim Meridian Radio Controlled Wall Clock Aluminium
£70.49 · Details

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  • Spun aluminium case
  • Fully synchronised LCD display showing date and temperature
  • Battery not included, uses 2xAA

Acctim Metro 300mm Wall Clock White
£14.99 · Details

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  • With a diameter of 300mm, made of white plastic with easy to read pointers, including a second hand
  • 24 hour numbers are on the clock in a red colour
  • White

Acctim Orion Silent Wall Clock White and Chrome
£23.99 · Details

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  • Orion silent sweep chrome wall clock
  • Second hand moves in a silent sweeping motion
  • Ideal for quiet environments

Acctim Parona Radio Controlled Wall Clock Silver
£22.49 · Details

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  • Parona radio controlled plastic wall clock
  • Radio controlled for split second accuracy
  • Red second hand

Acctim Supervisor Wall Clock White
£27.49 · Details

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  • Attractive chrome trim wall clock
  • Display shows day and date
  • White face

Acctim Wexham 24 Hour Wall Clock White
£8.15 · Details

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  • The Acctim White Wexham 24 Hour Plastic Wall Clock features standard 1-12 numbering, as well as an outer 24-hour clock ring

Acctim Cadiz RC Wall Clock 25.5cm Silver
  • Acctim Cadiz round wall clock
  • Diameter of 255mm
  • Radio controlled to keep your time accurate

Acctim Mason Radio Controlled Wall Clock 250mm Aluminium
  • Radio controlled brushed aluminium case wall clock
  • Radio controlled
  • Brushed aluminium case wall clock

Acctim Stratford Wall Clock 230mm White
  • White kitchen clock with black numbers and second hand
  • White kitchen clock
  • Black numbers and hands, the second hand is red

Acctim Stratus Radio Control LCD Wall Clock Silver
  • LCD wall clock with calendar and indoor temperature
  • Smartlite technology automatically illuminates display for easy night time viewing with low, high and off settings
  • Alarm with snooze

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