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Rubber Bands at Low Prices

Most rubber and elastic band products come in packs that are measured by the total weight rather than the number of rubber bands in each pack. The smaller the rubber band is, the more individual bands will be in the same weight of bag. Sizing in millimetres is taken with the rubber band put flat and unstretched. The amount of stretching each band can do will vary with brand and depends on the type of rubber used in the product.

Initiative Rubber Bands Assorted Sizes 454g Bags
£4.35 · Details

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  • High quality rubber bands for everyday use
  • Assorted Sizes
  • 454g bag
Q-Connect Rubber Bands 100g Assorted
£2.29 · Details

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  • High latex content ensures that they can be used over and over again
  • Assorted sizes
  • Box of 100g
Q-Connect X-Band 100g 100x11mm Assorted
£4.99 · Details · Save on 6+

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  • Q-Connect X-Bands
  • Stretches four ways to secure files and packages
  • More secure than string and easier than two rubber bands

Rubber Band Size 14 454g 1.5x50mm
£3.55 · Details

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  • Rubber bands at amazingly low cost
  • Size 14
  • Bag is weighed and contains 454g of elastic bands
County Rubber Bands Coloured 50gm [Pack of 12]
£10.79 · Details · Save on 3+

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  • Coloured rubber bands from County come in a range of assorted thicknesses and sizes as well as colours, ideal for multiple purposes
CTY09613NaturalPack of 12£10.79Buy
CTY09615Assorted ColoursPack of 12£10.79Buy

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Q-Connect Rubber Bands 100g AssortedQ-Connect Rubber Bands 100g Assorted

Rubber Band Size 18 454g 1.5x80mmRubber Band Size 18 454g 1.5x80mm

Q-Connect Rubber Bands 500g No 89Q-Connect Rubber Bands 500g No 89