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Q-Connect Cutter Blades Medium/Heavy Duty [Pack of 12]
£3.09 · Details

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  • This pack contains 12 replacement blades for Q-Connect Medium or Heavy Duty Cutters
  • 18mm wide, these blades provide a consistently sharp cutting edge and can be snapped when dull to provide a freshly sharpened edge

Replacement Blades

KF147579mmPack of 10£1.75Buy
KF1063618mmPack of 12£3.09Buy

Q-Connect Cutter Heavy Duty 18mm
£3.05 · Details

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  • Ideal for retail and warehouse applications, this Q-Connect Cutter is designed for heavy duty use
  • The 18mm blade is easily accessed through the slide mechanism and the knife features a locking device for safe use
Stanley Knife Disposable Snap [Pack of 50]
£54.97 · Details

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  • These disposable Stanley Knifes feature a strong, snap-off blade that can be used again and again
  • When dull, simply snap-off the blade to dispose of safely
  • The bright plastic handle provides extra safety in use
SB01601-Pack of 3£3.25Buy
SB601-Pack of 50£54.97Buy

Stanley Knife Snapoff Blade 9mm
£2.75 · Details

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  • This highly precise Stanley knife is perfect for easy cutting, with a snap off blade allowing you to keep your knife at its sharpest

Stanley Safety Knife Blades [Pack of 10]
£4.05 · Details

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  • Stanley is an expert when it comes to precision cutting and these fixed safety knife replacement blades are strong and sharp for controlled, effective use

Replacement Blades

SB11921Heavy Duty BladesPack of 5x10£17.99Buy
SB11987Safety BladesPack of 10£4.05Buy

Swordfish Metal Scalpel
£8.15 · Details · Save on 5+

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  • This professional scalpel is stylish and comfortable to use with superior performance for accurate cutting
  • Blades are designed for technical use and are non-sterile
  • Surgical quality number 3 scalpel handle
SK10621Metal ScalpelEach£8.15Buy
SK70724Blades No 10APack of 100£17.99Buy

Cutting Knife Heavy Duty with Locking Device and Snap-off Blades
  • Pacplus Heavy Duty Snap Off Blade Knife 18mm Red
  • Heavy Duty Knife with a lockable blade
  • Eyelet for attachment to a lanyard

Olfa Magnetic Touch Knife Assorted
  • The Olfa Magnetic Touch Knife features a number of handy functions for arts and crafts
  • The stainless steel blade cuts neatly through card, paper and other material and can be retracted into the case for safety

Slice Blades For Box Cutters 34mm [Pack of 4]

£22.99 · Details · Save on 5+

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  • Pack of 4
  • Designed for use with Slice manual and auto-retractable box cutters (SLC10512 and SLC10513), these replacement, double-sided ceramic blades have rounded edges for safety

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