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Jemini Medium Back Chair Charcoal
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  • This Jemini Medium Back Operator Chair features a firm foam back and seat with a charcoal fabric covering
  • The fixed back design allows the seat and back height to be adjusted for comfort for up to 5 hours usage

Medium Back Chair


Jemini Typist Gas Lift Chair Blue
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  • Typist chair
  • Recommended usage time of 5 hours
  • Seat size 460x445mm

Typist Chairs


Arista Bolt Leather Look and Mesh Chair Black
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  • Unique contemporary design
  • Recommended usage time of 8 hours
  • Seat dimensions 475x515mm

Arista Concept Medium Back Operators Chair Blue
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  • Medium Back Operator Chair
  • The intro Range of entry-level operator and managers seating provides both value and quality, sacrificing none of the comfort and durability you would expect from this brand

Medium Back Operators Chair


Jemini Medium Back Task Chair Arms
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  • Optional fixed arms for the Jemini medium back task chair
  • Black
  • Supplied as a pair

Medium Back Task Chairs

KF73604Optional Fixed Arms£20.49Buy

Arista Mb Mesh Task Chair Black
  • Arista mb mesh task chair black

Arista Task Chair Black
  • High back
  • Armrest
  • Stylish and attractive, this high back task chair is perfect for use in the modern office environment

Cappela Intro Posture Chair Blue
  • Cappela intro posture chair blue

Cappela Intro Posture Chair Plus Arms Blue
  • Adjustable arms
  • Adjustable height
  • Armrest
  • The Cappela intro posture chair is an entry level chair with a lumbar pump for increased support
  • The adjustable arms also provide added comfort for the user

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Arista Mb Mesh Task Chair BlackArista Mb Mesh Task Chair Black

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