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Arista Adjustable Wooden Shelf Maple
£38.99 · Details · Save on 3+

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  • For use in Arista side tambour cupboards
  • Wooden shelf
  • Maple colour
Arista Wooden Shelf for Open Storage Oak
£22.49 · Details

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  • Arista Wooden Shelf
  • Additional shelves for use in Arista Bookcases and Cupboards
  • Finish - Oak
Avior Cupboard Doors 800mm Cherry
£122.99 · Details · Save on 3+

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  • Lockable cupboard doors to go with Avior bookcases
  • These doors are 800mm tall
  • Cherry

Doors to Convert Bookcase to Cupboard

KF72321KF72320800mm Doors£122.99
KF72319KF723181600mm Doors£140.99
KF72317KF723161800mm Doors£152.99

Bisley Multidrawer Insert Tray 4 Compartment
£11.79 · Details · Save on 5+

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  • Plastic insert trays for the storage on miscellaneous items
  • Compatible with A4 size cabinets
  • 51mm high
Jemini Additional Shelf Black
£14.79 · Details · Save on 3+

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  • Additional shelf for the Jemini by Bisley two door cupboards
  • Black
Fellowes 8026401 Back Angel Back Support

£33.99 · Details · Save on 5+

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  • Height adjustable to maximise comfort, easy to attach elastic strap fits most chairs, two wings move independently to mould to your back with vents to promote airflow, delivers full back support for extended periods of sitting

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