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Suspension Filing

Suspension filing is available in two main sizes. Foolscap is the most common as it offers extra room around the paper for more protection, while A4 size is used to save a little space. Our choice includes both sizes as well as a choice in colours, brands and more. Extra tabs and inserts are stocked to help you re-use the files you already have.

Our most popular include:

Initiative Foolscap Size Pack of 50 - £12.79
Initiative A4 Size Pack of 50 - £12.79

XBest Sellers

Q-Connect Suspension File Inserts White [Pack of 50]Q-Connect Suspension File Inserts White [Pack of 50]

Suspension File Foolscap [Pack of 50]Suspension File Foolscap [Pack of 50]

Q-Connect Suspension Files Foolscap [Pack of 10]Q-Connect Suspension Files Foolscap [Pack of 10]