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OfficePad Treasury Tags Metal 101mm [Pack of 100]
£2.25 · Details

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  • OfficePad value treasury tags
  • Metal ended
  • Length 101mm


71012WH25mmPack of 100£1.55Buy
71019WH51mmPack of 100£1.65Buy
71026WH76mmPack of 100£1.75Buy
71033WH101mmPack of 100£1.75Buy
71040WH127mmPack of 100£1.85Buy
71047WH152mmPack of 100£1.95Buy


71061WH25mmPack of 100£1.89Buy
71068WH38mmPack of 100£1.95Buy
71075WH51mmPack of 100£2.05Buy
71082WH76mmPack of 100£2.19Buy
71089WH101mmPack of 100£2.25Buy
71096WH127mmPack of 100£2.35Buy
71103WH152mmPack of 100£2.65Buy

Q-Connect Metal Treasury Tag 102mm [Pack of 100]
£2.55 · Details

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  • Economical way of holding together punched paper
  • Manufactured from cotton cord with metal ends
  • 102mm

Metal Ended Tags

KF0458025mmPack of 100£2.15Buy
KF0458151mmPack of 100£2.35Buy
KF0458276mmPack of 100£2.45Buy
KF04583102mmPack of 100£2.55Buy
KF04584127mmPack of 100£2.75Buy
KF04585152mmPack of 100£2.95Buy

Q-Connect Plastic Treasury Tag 101mm [Pack of 100]
£2.15 · Details

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  • Economical way of holding together punched paper
  • Manufactured from cotton cord with plastic ends
  • 101mm

Plastic Ended Tags

KF0457025mmPack of 100£1.75Buy
KF0457151mmPack of 100£1.85Buy
KF0457276mmPack of 100£1.99Buy
KF04573101mmPack of 100£2.15Buy
KF04574127mmPack of 100£2.15Buy
KF04575152mmPack of 100£2.55Buy

Velos Eyelets Brass No 1 [Pack of 500]
£5.35 · Details · Save on 6+

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  • Velos eyelets pack
  • For use with Velos Perforex eyeletter and punch
  • Size 1, 3.2mm
VL200503.2mm EyeletsPack of 500£5.35Buy
VL200514.2mm EyeletsPack of 500£7.85Buy

Durable Flexifix Self Adhesive 8cm Fastener [Pack of 100]

£26.49 · Details · Save on 3+

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  • Pack of 100
  • Self adhesive filing fastener allows punched papers to be held securely in any type of file
  • The fasteners can be adhered to any smooth surface in files, folders and binders

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