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Q-Connect Laptop Computer Cable Lock
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  • Flexible cable keeps your laptop safe and secure
  • Quick and easy to install for added security
  • 1.5m vinyl coated cable
Kensington Microsaver Security Lock
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  • Designed for the most secure fit into the Kensington security slot
  • Patented T-bar mechanism provides an unrivalled level of protection
  • 1.8 metres long, 5.3mm thick steel cable provides powerful protection

Kensington K64613WW Desk Mount Cable Anchor
  • Provides a secure anchor to any work surface, compatible with all Kensington locks, built-in Kensington Security Slot, folds flat and supplied with industrial strength permanent adhesive and one way screws

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Q-Connect Laptop Computer Cable LockQ-Connect Laptop Computer Cable Lock

Kensington Microsaver Security LockKensington Microsaver Security Lock