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AF Foamclene 300ml Surface Cleaner
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  • AF Foamclene (300ml) Anti-static Foaming Cleaner
AFI50188Label Clene 200mlEach£5.15Buy
AFI50017Foam Clene 300mlEach£2.95Buy
AFI50282IsoclenePack of 100£17.49Buy

AF Invertible Sprayduster 200ml
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  • AF (200ml) Standard Spray Duster
  • Standard strength spray dusters which can be inverted and sprayed in any direction without threat of dispensing any liquid onto valuable equipment
AF PC Buds Foam Ended Buds [Pack of 25]
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  • Each bud in this pack is 130mm long and features a flexible cleaning head - 13mm wide - made of sturdy foam for a thorough clean
AFI50041PC Cleaning BubdsPack of 25£9.49Buy
AFI50080SafeclothsPack of 50£6.05Buy

Durable Powerclean Air Duster 400ml
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  • Durable (400ml) PowerClean Standard Air Duster
  • Air Duster for removing dirt from sensitive equipment and hard to reach areas

AF Cardclene 20 Impregnated Plain Cards

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  • AF Cardclene (Impregnated) Cleaning Cards
  • Cleaning systems for magnetic card reading equipment and ATM cash machines
  • Impregnated card for cleaning card reading equipment

AF Platenclene 100ml

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  • 100ml
  • This rubber roller restorer is a non-toxic, non-flammable solvent spray designed to restore grip and flexibility to rollers within both printers and fax machines

AF Sprayduster 125ml Invertible

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  • 125ml
  • AF (125ml) Spray Duster

AF Sprayduster Zero 322g [Pack of 12]

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  • 420ml
  • Pack of 12
  • AF Sprayduster ZERO (420ml) Aerosol with Active Carbon
  • The award winning Sprayduster ZERO has been specially designed to combat dust and grime from inaccessible areas

Anti-static Foam Cleaner General Purpose 400ml Can
  • 400ml
  • Anti-static Foam Cleaner
  • For removing ingrained grease, dirt and dust
  • Suitable for use on plastic casing, hard surfaces and office furniture

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AF Invertible Sprayduster 200mlAF Invertible Sprayduster 200ml

AF Foamclene 300ml Surface CleanerAF Foamclene 300ml Surface Cleaner

Durable Powerclean Air Duster 400mlDurable Powerclean Air Duster 400ml