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Igenix 2 Slice Toaster Stainless Steel
  • This 2 slice stainless steel toaster features an adjustable heat level and a removable crumb tray for easy emptying

Statesman 4 Slice Long Toaster

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  • Easy to use and with a variable browning control, this 4 slice toaster also has reheat, defrost and browning controls
  • Its variable width slots are self centring and it has a slide out fixed crumb tray for ease of cleaning

Toaster 4-Slice

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  • Cooking up to four slices of toast simultaneously, this toaster is the perfect product to deal with heavy demand
  • Working quickly with different heat settings, this toaster provides a variety of choice for multiple users

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Toaster 4-SliceToaster 4-Slice

Igenix 2 Slice Toaster Stainless SteelIgenix 2 Slice Toaster Stainless Steel